Kids & Kops

A nationally recognized and grant funded program, created by the LOPD and works in partnership with the Orion/Oxford Boys & Girls Club to provide weekly program of off-duty LOPD officers and kids in informal and fun settings to allow for improved communication and dialog with our youth as well as forming long-lasting trust relationships with youth in the community.

Cops Who Care

An innovative program, designed by LOPD Ordinance Enforcement Officers who identify senior citizens and low income families that have property maintenance issues that require attention.  Off duty Lake Orion Police Officers work with community businesses in obtaining either donation and/or reduced cost materials, and then we perform the work to correct the problem. We have recently formed a partnership with the Lake Orion High School to connect senior citizens with high school students that are required to perform 40 hours of community service to graduate.

Operation ID

Lake Orion Police Officers staff all Downtown events and go out into the community upon request to perform child fingerprint and DNA kits that are then turned over to the parents for advanced child protection and identification.