Board of Ethics

The Lake Orion Village Council adopted an Ethics Ordinance on October 9, 2023.  The ordinance creates the Board of Ethics comprising three (3) members who serve three-year, staggered terms commencing on July 1.

The Village Council, by super majority of those serving as councilmembers, shall appoint a Board of Ethics as an advisory body for the purpose of interpreting this Code of Ethics. When there is a question or a complaint as to the applicability of any provision of this code to a particular situation, that question or complaint shall be directed to the Board of Ethics. It shall then be the function of the Board of Ethics to conduct hearings and/or issue an Advisory Opinion, as applicable.  No council member or employee shall be appointed.

The Village Council may appoint up to an additional two (2) persons as alternate members of the board.

To apply for a position on the Board of Ethics, complete the APPLICATION FORM.