Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

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These rules and regulations are designed for the protection of the owners of interment rights as a group. They are intended not to restrain, but rather to prevent the thoughtless from infringing upon the rights of other lot owners. The duty of the Village of Lake Orion is to enforce these rules in order to maintain the beauty and peacefulness of the cemetery. These rules are subject to amendment when deemed necessary by the Village Council.


Cemetery shall be used generically to indicate the burial park, and attaching utilized grounds

Grave shall mean an area of ground specifically set aside for the purpose of burial

Interment shall mean the disposition of human remains by burial, cremation, or inurnment

Memorial means any object on which is inscribed the name and generally the inclusive dates of life of the deceased that is used to identify a grave

General Guidelines

All burial arrangements shall be

made at the Lake Orion Village Hall

21 E. Church Street

Lake Orion, Michigan, 48362

Phone: (248) 693-8391

Burial services shall not be conducted on Sundays or holidays as designated by the Village labor agreement, nor after 2:00 P.M. on weekdays and/or Saturdays. Saturday burials require payment of an additional fee.

  1. Cemeteries shall remain open from sunrise to sunset.
  2. No pets shall be permitted to enter or remain on cemetery grounds.
  3. No food or drink of any kind will be permitted to be consumed within the cemetery boundaries.
  4. Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Conduct of the minors will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  5. Recreational vehicle riding is prohibited within the cemeteries. Bicycle or motorcycle riding, except when used as a means of transportation to a burial site, is prohibited within the cemeteries. Skateboards are not allowed within the cemeteries.
  6. Automobiles shall drive on established roads and shall not exceed the 10 mph speed limit.
  7. No person shall injure, deface or destroy any memorials, trees, shrubs, urns, benches, flowers or anything whatsoever within the cemeteries.
  8. The Village retains the right to disallow any burial not adhering to the guidelines set forth in this document. No “green” burials will be allowed.
  9. The unlawful carrying or use of firearms, except for ceremonial purposes during military services, is prohibited.


Grave Decoration

Breaking the sod on a lot by the owner or any other person for the purpose of planting trees or shrubs is not permitted without the authorization of the Cemetery Sexton. These plantings may take place if the landscaping is appropriate for the cemetery and the specific lots involved. Trees may be

donated to the Cemetery in the memory of a loved one.


Evergreen Cemetery and Sections B, H, K and G1* in Eastlawn Cemetery:

Flowers may be planted or placed on a gravesite provided they do not protrude greater than twelve inches in front of any marker or headstone. They will be removed or cut if they are not properly maintained.

Vases or Urns:

Vases and Urns not properly painted or otherwise cared for and as such are not filled with plants by June 25 of any year, will be removed from the sections.

Glass jars, metal cans, or earthen vessels or dishes will not be permitted for use as bouquet holders, as they become broken and/or scattered about the lawn.

Garden of the Cross in Eastlawn Cemetery:

Artificial or cut flowers placed in vases incorporated in the monument only shall be permitted. Any and all other decorations or flowers will be removed. When the flowers, cut or artificial, become faded or unsightly, they will be removed. Flowers may be placed in Evergreen and Eastlawn Cemeteries from May 1 to November 1 and on

National Holidays:

In all sections of both cemeteries, grave blankets and wreaths shall be permitted during the winter season (approximately November 1 through April 1, according to weather conditions). The Village may remove and dispose of these decorations when deemed appropriate.

Any Broken Objects Shall Be Removed:

B, H, K & G1*: All settees, benches, fences, ornaments, toys, artificial flowers or other similar items shall be removed when they become damaged, obsolescent, non-functional or if the lot is not properly maintained. If any of these items protrude greater than twelve inches in front of any marker or headstone, they shall be removed.

Trees and Shrubs:

All trees, shrubs, or flowers overhanging or in front of memorials shall be cut back or removed when necessary to facilitate digging a grave, installing a monument, or if they are obscuring any monument.

Landscape Materials:

No gravel or stones shall be allowed as part of a landscape base.

Boundaries Around Graves:

No coping or fencing or other means of marking boundaries of lots or graves can be used. Cutting or otherwise disturbing the sod is prohibited.

Grave Lighting:

Solar lighting is not permitted

Cremated Remains

  1. The burial of cremated remains on existing family graves will be allowable at Eastlawn and Evergreen Cemetery, (by Village personnel only), provided that the following guidelines are followed:

    Permission must be given by the owner of the property allowing the burial of cremains If the owner is deceased, next of kin must consent to the burial of the cremains.
  2. Cremains are to be contained in a vessel suitable for such purposes, or the container that was returned by the cremation facility.
  3. There may be no more than one (1) burial of cremated remains on a grave with an existing interment. (This limits the burials on any gravesite to two (2)).
  4. All other cemetery rules and regulations shall apply as stipulated by state statute and local ordinances.


Disinterments will be made upon request of duly authorized persons or governmental agencies, proper relatives or authorities and, upon a satisfactory receipt, the remains may be moved from the cemetery. The fee for disinterment will be set by Village Council in the Schedule of Cemetery Fees. No graves shall be opened for inspection except by court order.

Guidelines for Donating Trees and Benches

Appropriate deciduous trees to plant in a cemetery include the following:

  1. Red Maple, Norway Maple and Sugar Maple
  2. All varieties of Oak
  3. Linden (several varieties available and acceptable)
  4. The trees will be not less than 2.5 inches in caliper at time of planting and planted not less than 10 feet away from internal and external traffic aisles and streets.
  5. The requesting party shall purchase the tree, according to the above specifications. The tree will be purchased and delivered to the cemetery from a local nursery. The Village shall receive previous notice of the tree delivery from either the requesting party or the nursery.
  6. The Village of Lake Orion will plant the tree with no additional cost to the donor. The donor will see that the tree receives regular watering until the tree is established

  7. Garden of the Cross has lots designated for the donation of trees or benches. Trees must comply with the afore-mentioned guidelines. Benches must be constructed of cement or stone and be no larger than forty-eight inches (48”).
  8. Placement of either trees or benches must be pre-approved by the Village Cemetery sexton.

Reservation Rights of the Cemetery

The Cemetery reserves the right to correct any errors made by it either on making interments, disinterments or removal, setting of markers or monuments, or in the description, transfer or conveyance of any Burial Rights, and assumes no liability other than the necessary expense of making the correction. The Village of Lake Orion shall in no way or manner ever be liable to anyone for any delays of interment, losses, damage, expenses, or claims and for demands of any conceivable kind and character whatsoever, resulting from or caused by Acts of God, vandals, strikes, riots, or from any other causes(s) beyond the reasonable control of the Village. The Village reserves the right to alter the provisions of this document as needed, which shall be effective after public notice is given in a local newspaper circulating in the Village of Lake Orion. Village of Lake Orion.

Memorials (Markers) and Foundations

While the Village will exercise all possible care to protect Memorials, Markers, Mausoleums or any other structures on any lots, it disclaims responsibility for any loss or damage or injury thereto. Should any monument or marker become in such a ruinous condition as to disfigure the rest of the cemetery, the Village has the power to cause them to be repaired and if not repaired, to be removed.

All memorials will be subject to our rules and regulations.


GARDEN OF THE CROSS: All memorial markers in Garden of the Cross in Eastlawn Cemetery shall be set flush with the ground, and MUST contain a built-in vase for cut flowers. VA markers, including matching spousal markers, are the only markers exempt from having a vase. Markers in Garden of the Cross may be made of marble, bronze, or granite. Markers in Garden of the Cross may be constructed to a width of 14 inches in order to accommodate the vase. Standard: 12" x 24" x 4")

  1. Only one memorial, monument or grave marker (permitted only at the head of the grave) is allowed per gravesite regardless of the type of burial. Second markers are only allowed in cases of a second burial of cremains on an existing casket. The maximum size allowed for the second marker is 12” x 24”, regardless of in what section of the cemetery the grave is located. This second marker must be set flush with the ground, and may be made of bronze, granite, or marble. If the existing marker is an upright marker, a small medallion may be attached to the upright.
  2. Foundations for all memorials shall be installed by Village personnel. Charges for installation of foundations shall be set by the Village, and must be paid in advance.

  3. Government headstones or markers may not be used for any purpose other than to honor the memory of the descendent and may not be used as a footstone or to supplement a private monument (Subject to current Federal regulations) (rev.062303)
  4. Markers or monuments shall not exceed 30 inches in height, including the base, where uprights are allowed: Sections B, H, K, and G1* only. Markers in Garden of Cross shall not exceed 4 inches in height. *Section G1 not yet available for sale.