Atwater Park

Atwater entrance

Classification: Neighborhood

Park Area: 2.88 acres

Accessibility Ranking: Level 4

Located in the eastern portion of the Village within a traditional style neighborhood, Atwater Park provides the community with a gathering space and opportunities for active recreation.

A majority of the park is comprised of two (2) ball fields, with the infields opposite one another. The ball fields are augmented with bleachers and player benches and maintained in part b the ball leagues that schedule games and practice here.

On the south end of the park, closer to Atwater Street, is a less intensive and contains a mix of playgrounds and other recreation amenities, including two (2) play structures, benches, picnic tables, bike racks, swings and a basketball half-court.

Its central location to the neighborhood and its mix of recreation amenities make Atwater Park an ideal space to bring children. Parking is limited to the area along Perry Street and can become quite crowded during baseball games, at times hindering pedestrian circulation of the sidewalk.

People at the park

All of the Village's facilities have accessibility ratings of 2, 3, or 4, with the exception of Unger Park which carries an accessibility ranking of 1 due to the grade change and lack of paved surfaces to access any features within the park.

While most of the recreation facilities include elements that are handicapped accessible, many of the routes to reach such facilities are lacking in compliance.

Atwater Park
Lake Orion, MI 48362
United States

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