Meeks Park

Classification: Community Park
Area: 1.68 acres
Accessibility Ranking: Level 2

Also located near the downtown core of the Village and connecting to Children’s Park is Meek’s Park which runs along Paint Creek for approximately 600 feet. Lake Orion’s newest park, Meek’s is a linear park which provides both active and passive recreation opportunities.

The park is accessed at several points with pedestrian access at Glenn Street, Broadway Street, a pedestrian bridge at Washington Street, and a pedestrian bridge from the Lake Orion Art Center (near Children’s Park). The key amenity to Meek’s Park is the paved, pedestrian path which runs along Paint Creek and provides opportunity for walk, running, and cycling.

Less passive recreation is also available as among the scenic backdrops there are various nodes of seating scattered along the path and a checkerboard table.

Residents and visitors enjoy the opportunity to walk through this natural area, watch ducks and other wildlife, and visit with friends / family. As Meek’s Park also abuts the Heritage Place senior housing complex, the park truly provides recreation for all ages.

People at the park

All of the Village's facilities have accessibility ratings of 2, 3, or 4, with the exception of Unger Park which carries an accessibility ranking of 1 due to the grade change and lack of paved surfaces to access any features within the park.

While most of the recreation facilities include elements that are handicapped accessible, many of the routes to reach such facilities are lacking in compliance.

Meek's Park, S Broadway St
Lake Orion, MI 48642
United States

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