Constellation Bay

Constellation Bay site layout drawing

STATUS:  Site plan approved

Constellation Bay is a waterfront redevelopment project within the Village's Mixed Use (MU) zoning district along South Broadway Street (M-24) consisting of 52 multiple-family dwellings (stacked townhouses) and a live/work development consisting of seven buildings, plus a freestanding garage for 13 vehicles:
• Building #1: Live/Work, 5 units
• Building #2: Live/Work, 8 units
• Building #3: Stacked Townhouse, 20 units
• Building #4: Stacked Townhouse, 16 units
• Building #5: Live/Work, 1 unit
• Building #6: Live/Work, 1 unit
• Building #7: Reconstructed Historic Property
with Live/Work, 1 unit

Constellation Bay elevation drawings for the north building
Constellation Bay building elevation drawings for the south building