Sunday, May 27, 2018

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The Lake Orion Police 911 Center receives all land line 911 calls for Orion Township and the Village, we have been the only 911 Center since  the launch of 911 in 1985.

We dispatch all calls for the Orion Township Fire Department and all calls for the Lake Orion Police Department, we transfer all Orion Township police request calls to the Oakland County Sheriffs Office.

  • Our Dispatch staff also coordinates Department of Public Works emergencies for both the Township and Village after hours, holidays and weekends.
  • Our Dispatch Center is open and staffed 24/7/365 and affords a safe haven for people running from a dangerous individual or circumstance.
  • Our Dispatch staff record, monitor and process all burning permits and requests to burn for the Township and the Village.
  • Our Dispatch staff receive and process thousands of non-emergency, informational calls annually for both the Township and Village.
  • Our Dispatch staff work with the Oakland County Department of Emergency Response & Preparedness as the emergency operations center for the Township and Village in the event of disaster or emergencies, including the monitoring of monthly tests on the advanced warning sirens.