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Trash Collection

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Questions? Call: 1.844.GO.GFLUSA or visit GFLUSA.com


GFL USA observes the following Holidays:
Please remember that if a Holiday falls on a weekday, your scheduled service day will be delayed by one day. Regular collection schedule will resume the following week.

Yard Waste
Yard waste collection will continue to be part of your solid waste collection program. We will be collecting yard waste on your regular scheduled service day. Yard waste will be collected in a separate truck starting with the first week of April of each year. Please have your yard waste out for collection by 7:00 AM.

Yard waste includes: Garden waste, leaves, lawn cuttings, shrubs and tree trimmings/pruning waste. Yard waste will be collected in 95 gallon carts and up to 32 gallon plastic or metal containers that are clearly marked “Yard Waste”. Biodegradable (Kraft Bags) yard waste paper bags can also be set out for collection during the compost season. Please keep in mind the weight restrictions on 95 gallon carts is two hundred pounds and only sixty pounds on 32 gallon containers.

Brush and tree limbs MUST BE NO MORE than 2 inches in diameter and bundled. Bundles should not exceed 4 feet in length,18 inches in diameter, and no more than 50 lbs in weight. Please tie bundles with heavy twine or rope. Brush exceeding these requirements will be picked up with your trash.

Items Not Considered Yard Waste:
Dirt, Large Stumps, Gravel, Dead Animals, Sod, Sand, Animal Feces, Rocks

Recycling Program
Recycling Collection takes place every week on the same day as the regular waste collection. Please make certain your recycling is placed in a clearly marked, approved Recycling Bin or Cart.

Items to Recycle:

Please do not place any of the following items in your recycling bin/cart. These items are not recyclable and can contaminate other recyclable materials. - Thank you.
Paper Milk/Juice Cartons, Styrofoam, Containers or Packaging, Garbage, Propane Tanks, Colored Glass, Medical Waste, Flammable Liquids Household Cleaners/Chemicals (Liquid or Dry), Wood Items, Wax Coated Cardboard, Wax Coated Paper Paint Cans, Food Soiled Cardboard/Paper


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