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Saturday, June 24, 2017

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Click Here to Buy--Green's Park Firework Passes for June 24th (Lion's Club Jubilee Show)


Adult Firework Pass (Age 12 & Up):  $5


Child Firework Pass (Age 4 - 11):  $2


Age 3 & Under:  FREE


How do you get a pothole filled?
Call the Village offices at 248-693-8391, x. 100, and a work order will be issued for the pothole repair.

How do I get an underground utility location?
Call MISS Dig at 1-800-482-7171.

Does the Village trim trees?
Only those trees located on Village property or within the Village right-of-way are maintained by the Village.

Tell me about the spring and fall leaf pick-ups by the Village DPW?
The Village DPW uses a leaf vacuum for the clean up of leaves, raked to the curb by Village residents, for approximately 3 weeks in the spring and 7 weeks in the fall. Dates are published annually in the Lake Orion Review, and on the Government access channel.

When does the Village DPW do snow removal?
The Village Police Department keeps the DPW apprised of road conditions, and calls the DPW Superintendent if road conditions deteriorate to the point of needing plowing and/or salting.

Who do I call about a street light that is out?
If it is a decorative street light, call the Village offices at 248-693-8391. If it is a regular street light, call police dispatch at 248-693-8321.

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