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Planning / Zoning / Building

Planning & Zoning
Office Hours: Tuesdays 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM 

"Pre-application/Conceptual site plan review meetings are available and encouraged.  Early informal review of proposed projects helps avoid costly mistakes and delays in the process.  Please contact Village Manager, Darwin McClary  for scheduling, 248-693-8391 x 101. 

Email: zoning@lakeorion.org

        Village of Lake Orion Fee Schedule  



At the Counter

Development Fees can be paid at the front counter at Village Hall located at 21 East Church Street
Lake Orion, Michigan 48362 with cash, check, or money order. Payments with credit cards can be made and are subject to a 3% transaction fee.  Village of Lake Orion office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

Over the phone

Development fees can be paid over the phone with a credit card. There is a 3% transaction fee for over the phone payments. Please call (248) 693-8391 to make a phone payment.

Payment Drop-box

A drop-box is available at City Hall for Development Fees.  The drop box is located at the front of the building.  Please place your check or money order in an envelope and deposit into the drop box.  DO NOT USE CASH.   If you have any questions about the drop-box, please contact Village Hall at (248) 693-8391.


    2023 Bldg Application Residential 

         2023 Bldg Application -Commercial

   Zoning Ordinance  

     ** Ordinance Amendments

    Ord. 94 Article 19 New Section Conditional Rezoning     Ord 98, Article 13 Short term rental           Ord 102 Zoning Map Correction

    Ord 95 Art  19 Sec 19.05 Admin Proc. & Standards    Ord 99 Art 2 & Art 6 Entertinment Rest. & Bars 

    Ord 103 Zoning Text Amendments   Ord 96 Zoning Map Rezone 228 Atwater         Ord 100 Article 13 Poultry   

     Ord 105 Zoning Map  Rezone 31 Elizabeth St          Ord 97 Article 15 Fences        Ord 101 Artticle 13 Refurse/Recycle Receptacles


      Zoning Compliance Permit

   Zoning Ordinance Map

     2020 Master Plan Survey

2020ZoningMapVillageofLakeorionZoning is a method of land-use planning used by local governments in most developed countries. The word is derived from the practice of designating permitted uses of land based on mapped zones which separate one set of land uses from another. Zoning may be use-based (regulating the uses to which land may be put), or it may regulate building height, lot coverage, and similar characteristics, or some combination of these. Similar urban planning methods have dictated the use of various areas for particular purposes in many cities from ancient times

The Village of Lake Orion is a zoned community.  All buildings, structures, uses, and parcels of land must comply with the regulations set forth in the Village Zoning Ordinance, (link to Zoning Ordinance).  A Zoning Compliance Permit is required for all new, changed, altered, or moved uses or occupancies of land or any buildings or structures, including excavations and construction.  

Contact the Village of Lake Orion Planning and Zoning Coordinator with Zoning questions and/or applications for Zoning Compliance, Building, Signs, Fences, Temporary Uses, Uses of Public Land, Excavating, Change of Use or Occupancy of Commercial Buildings, Site Plan / Special Land Use, Land Development, Rezoning or Variances from the Zoning Ordinance.

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